Glossary of mapping and surveying terms

Glossary of mapping and surveying terms

The government should compel all people and companies to first verify the academic and practising licences of surveyors before giving them business, the chairperson Uganda surveyors’ Registration Board, has said.
Mr Cyprian Inyangat said some companies and individuals are acquiring surveying services from quacks which has led the board he heads receiving numerous complaints of fraud and unprofessional conduct of people claiming to be surveyors. “We receive several complaints of under or over valuation of land but when we verify, people who are doing this are not genuine surveyors,” Mr Inyangat said at their annual general meeting in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb.
He said very few graduates of surveying courses register with the board before they start practising yet it is illegal to practice without registering.
“Makerere University and other institutions produce about 400 surveyors every year but the board has only 183 registered surveyors and the rest are illegally practising,” Mr Inyangat said.
Mr Inyangat’s comments came shortly after the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Mr Emmanuel Olaunah, said the surveying profession is marred with connivance to commit fraud and extreme negligence calling for the board to act accordingly.
“I am alarmed by the indicators of lack of professionalism and indiscipline prevailing in the survey profession. There is extreme connivance to commit fraud….” Mr Olaunah said.
He added that as result of this unprofessional conduct of surveyors, “the ministry is revamping the Valuation Division and Survey department to efficiently execute their mandate” as the East African Integration takes shape.

What the law says

Surveyors Registration Act states in part, “subject to this Act, no person shall engage in or carry out the practice of surveying, by whatever name called, unless he or she is the holder of a valid practising certificate granted to him or her.”

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